121212- 1212


Today is seen as a lucky day for many 12th day of the 12th month of 2012. It was interesting to see what educators did or are going to do on this day. Stefan Nielsen @SNskole, Denmark had a great suggestion of taking a photo at 12:12pm and sharing it on a google presentation 121212-1212 he created.  Thanks Stefan for this fabulous activity – simple but so effective. So many projects and research can be made further from this activity.

It was fascinating to watch photos go up and it gave some indication of  times and zones in the world as people passed the time and uploaded their images. There are many blanks as I write this as it is still Dec 11th for many. Below is my photo taken in our school grounds. It was a hot day 36 degrees celsius.

a hot summers day

Below is the google presentation with increasing contributions from across the globe.

Louise Morgan skyped:-

I am going to make a big poster and have the kids write anything they can think of that relates to the number 12. (12 days of christmas, 12 = dozen, 6+6=12, etc). I may also have them make lists of 12  – like their favorite toys, candy, songs, tv shows, etc…. from Louise Morgan

Paula Nagle suggested a 121212 blogging activity. I may get my year4/5 students to do this tomorrow, even though it will be the 13th for us,  it will still be 121212 somewhere in the world.

What did you do for 121212? Did you take an image?


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