There’s a Frog in my Classroom!

frog in the classroom
frogs are

Globalclassroom tweetchats are a great way to converse with others on a specified topic and  meet a network of educators who live in a similar time zone. They are held once a month for one hour over three days and times to suit all time zones.. @Warwick_Languages and I co-moderated one of the December sessions.The topic of conversation was “Eat that Frog!” A great topic discussion suggested by David Potter (@iearnusa) in California. See the globalclassroom post “Eat that Frog“.

frogs in Indonesia

This topic was of high intrigue. Frogs! – we are not allowed to eat frogs in Australia, yet they are a prized dish in other countries – primarily Asia.  Would we offend anyone?

frogs in Aus

As the chat progressed a number of experienced global classroom tweeters came on board and many more were lured into the conversation with this great topic teaser! It became one of the most amazing chats that I have participated in – participants from across the world – some great sharing, honesty, laced with humour and many wonderful experiences to learn about. The hour did not let us do justice to the questions – we ran out of time!

Please take time to peruse the chatfeed which @CliveSir kindly puts together. There is a wealth of advice, resources and experience to be found there. One experience that fascinated participants was that of Jenny Ashby and her 24 hour skype-a-thon, where Australia students went to school with others across the world in their school class time. Read Jenny’s account of their 24 Hour Skype

What frogs do you have in your classoom? Have you been involved in tweethchats? If so, which ones?  What tweet chats do you enjoy?


4 responses to “There’s a Frog in my Classroom!

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  2. Hi Anne. I’ve just been through the archives, and wow, what a chat!

    Thank you for sharing your time & expertise to make this all possible. I love the frog pic! 🙂


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