Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

Community Connect Evernote with Trent Bourne

Having attended several face to face conference sessions and a number of webinars on evernote, I like the look of this app. It is cross platform, uses the cloud, syncs nicely with many tools and I like their style and support. Tonight, I took notes from Trent’s presentation as this is an app or tool that I want to play with and explore more over the summer holidays. Trent used airplay on his iPad to demonstrate some of these apps, as well as webtours and application sharing in blackboard collaborate of actual web pages.

Here are my summarized notes:-

Some apps that complement or sync with evernote (all free unless otherwise stated):-

  1. Penultimate (this one has a slight cost), works like a whiteboard – writing, drawing, scribbling, sketching
  2. Peek – great for revision and study purposes
  3. Skitch – annotate, use shapes and sketches etc using a smart cover to reveal the questions and answers. A mix of audio, text etc can be used. Great for languages.
  4. Shoe boxed – free one month trial. Keep receipts and other documents as digital documents with this app. Can send to evernote.
  5. Hello –  a great way to share the equivalent of business cards with options for photo, twitter handle, email, other social networking sites etc
  6. Evernote food – preserve memorable food experiences

Trent also demonstrated how to create stacks and answered numerous questions from participants.

From the chat came the following suggestions

Thanks Trent for an informative session. Now I need time to play. Have you used evernote? What is your opinion? How do you use it? Have you used all or any of the above apps?