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Comview Presentations – how to make them more effective for learning!

This post is for  participants in the “Using ICT in VCE Accounting: Showcase and Workshop” find all online documents and resources referred to in my two sessions at Comview – the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association annual conference. However, it is a reflection also on how I am trying to make the learning more interactive, ongoing and dynamic.

My big question is “How do I make it easy for participants to connect both during and after the session? How can people maintain conversations and ask questions after Comview? How can the get best benefit out of my workshops? Which tools will be most beneficial in accounting?” Do you have suggestions for me? Here is what I propose:-

  • Use blackboard collaborate to record the showcase and the workshop so that people can revisit or those who missed my presentations can listen to them.
  • Set up a google document to share resources and contact details, allow questions etc
  • Upload my presentation to slideshare
  • Add a qr code to this blog post to allow participants to access the google doc quickly
  • Use bit.ly to shorten the urls for eg google document and the blackboard collaborate room.

Participants will scan this qr code to take them to the google document or copy the shortened url from the first powerpoint slide.

Blackboard collaborate rooms:-

  1. Using ICT in Accounting – A Showcase Session 2105
  2. Using ICT in VCE Accounting – hands on workshop 2404

What further suggestions would you make? What do you like to see or receive at conferences?