Trending Web 2.0 Tools

Crowdsourcing the trending web2.0 Tools – our top 10 at an #ACEC2012 workshop. Interest in this session has far exceeded expectations so scaffolding will be set in place as follows:-

  1. People will be split into groups of their choice – web2.0 Tools or Apps
  2. Groups will work collaboratively on google docs
  3. Suggested category headings have been inserted into the table of the google doc
  4. 15 mins for adding to google doc
  5. 10 mins for checking out the docs
  6. 15 volunteer demonstrations – 2-3  mins each speaker timed

Google docs

  1. Group 1
  2. Group 3
  3. Group 4 Apps
  4. Group 5 Apps

We will use google documents to crowdsource  our favourite tools or what we see as the trending tools. Tables have been inserted with suggested headings, but please change as you see fit.

There was so much great help for this session. @suewaters suggested adding a third column under the heading of Examples of how it can be used so the pedagagy and value of the tool can be explored@ackygirl streamed it all through ghangout. The recording can be found here on the unplugged conference wiki.

Reflections:- The session worked well. Everyone appeared to be engaged, they all had a voice, were able to interact and ask questions, explore some of the apps in their small group and could add to the documents. One of the participants demonstrated an augmented reality app juniao  how to locate four square recommendations on the iphone. Reflection app was used to project the iphone through a windows machine onto the front screen. Amanda Marrinan also shared fotobabble and its use with her prep class and Sue Waters shared the much loved clustrmaps tool as still being one of the most popular.


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