Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

A one day workshop will be held as pre-conference workshop at ACEC 2012, in Perth, Western Australia. This Australian Computer Educators Conference is held every two years.

Participants will be using the following documents

  1. A backchannel using Today’s Meet
  2. A google doc for permanent sharing and support
  • Twitter – for developing a professional network
  • Blogs – an online space for connecting and communicating
  • Wikis – a collaborative and interactive space
  • Collaborative Documents:- titan pad, pirate pad, google docs
  • Skype for videoconferencing
  • Wallwisher – online sticky notes for eg brainstorming, reflecting, sharing
  • Voicethread – online podcasting
  • Answer Garden and QR Codes
Organisational tools

Reflecting on workshop:-

What web2.0 tools do you think you could use? Add to this answer garden or scan this qr code to take you to the site:-


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