Crowdfunding- eT@lking Review

Some of Dan’s suggested sites

This was a fascinating session on a relatively new topic of crowdsourcing. The full potential and power of web2.0 technology and networking is being harnessed in people seeking start up funds for an idea that they have.

Dan Donahoo led us through a discussion on how crowdfunding works and his views on its adaption to learning and education. Dan expertly walked us through some of the projects that are looking for start up funds. A great illustration is A Really Big Road Trip . It was able to get more than  requested through Pozible – Creative Crowdfunding site. It bought Australia a Geek Arts Bus!

Shamblesguru shared the following:-

  1. How to run a successful crowd funding campaign
  2. Some of his resources on this topic

Daniel Donahoo is Director of ideas consultancy, Project Synthesis.

You can find out about his work at or You can find Dan on Twitter @ddonahoo

To learn more listen to the  recording of this session.

Have you crowdsourced? Do you have anything to share?



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