What is a tweetchat?

Chats using twitter to deliver conversations are becoming increasingly popular. A great variety of chats have sprung up over the last 12 months. Some are held weekly, some monthly, usually for one hour. They are aimed at people with a common interest or passion eg edchat, globalclassroom chat, kinderchat etc. It is a group chat in real time using twitter. To get involved, you need to know the hashtag or #. A number of people may moderate the chat and lead the discussion, keeping participants on task and allowing the chat to formally start and finish.

Tonight we have the globalclassroom chat. Here are suggestions for being involved.

  1.  Set aside dedicated time to be part of the chat (usually one hour)
  2. Goto tweetchat, and enter globalclassroom (or the hashtag you want to follow) into the search bar (at the top, in the middle). Some twitter browsers allow a dedicated column to be setup with the hashtag eg tweetdeck
  3. End any tweets with #globalclassroom. This will bring the tweet to the attention of all who are interested in sharing information about Global Classrooms.
  4. Register for tweetchat, if you would like control over various elements of the chat eg speed, saving ability etc.
  5. Tweets will usually be sent out prior to the time so that the topic is promoted etc
  6. Look for the archives of the chat. The link will be shared at some stage after the official chat time. eg Globalclassroom chats are archived on the Global Classroom Chat wiki. You can read through all conversations should you miss the live session.
  7. The chat will often continue on a less intense pace once the dedicated time has passed.

globalclassroom inserted into search window

Why get involved?

  • Each participant has a voice!
  • great opportunity to meet other partipants from across the world who share similar passion
  • access the latest in thinking in a particular area
  • access some great resources, blog posts, spaces etc that are shared by participants
  • ability to hone in a particular subject
  • chance to share your knowledge and help others
  • txt chat is not daunting, everyone can type in something
  • find many new people to follow on twitter
  • help develop a networked brain!

Where can you find hashtags and chats?

Won’t you join me and Tasha Cowdy as we co-moderate global classroom chat this evening, Sunday, Setp 16th at 7pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

What have I left out? What else would you like to know about tweetchats?


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