International Dot Day

A Dot by Levi (year 11)

Several weeks ago, Lorraine Leo mentioned the existence of International Dot Day on September 15th and that she would be involved in a Scratch World Dot Project a World Museum project organised by Yoshiro Miyata. It was promptly forgotten, until I noticed active tweets alerting us to the upcoming event. Read further to see our involvement, what we did and how we did it:-

  1. I researched the meaning of the day and signed up for Dot Day through Fable Vision.
  2. Grade Prep/One and Year 4/5 created dots with Doodle Buddy on the iPad for Dots Around the World (Chrissy Hellier’s project)
  3. Year 7 and some 4/5s created the dots for the Scratch project.
  4. The classes watched the Dot on youtube
  5. Chrissy Hellier from Bangkok and her class skyped us. Chrissy showed us the book and read sections to us. See Skype Linkup with Bangkok
  6. Students created their dots using Doodle Buddy on the iPad.
  7. Lorraine Leo from Boston USA helped year 7 students, on an individual basis, create their dots using Scratch,using skype on the iPad. Going Dotty with a Mobile Teacher
  8. Year 11 students wanted to be part of it too.
  9. The images were shared in a drop box folder and on flickr. See our flickr images

Year 4/5 Dots can be seen in the following presentation.

Where can you see the final outcomes?

  1. Student work is now proudly displayed at the World Dot Project (allow this site to load as it will take time).
  2. Work from Year Prep/One, Four/Five and Year 11 can be seen from the video on Dots Around the World

Reflecting on this project:-

  1. I love the notion of encouraging creativity
  2. A Dot is such a simple concept but students came up with so many different ideas and applications
  3. Many times, I bit my tongue, as I was about to say that is not right, why dont you do this etc. I just let the student creativity flow.
  4. The younger students just use any colour combination, they have not been taught to keep with certain colours etc and don’t you just love them?
  5. Not all students could read or write well but they could draw a dot. It catered for every ability.
  6. It plummeted us into the world of technology where we could learn, share and teach others around the world.
  7. It forced me to use technology (skype on my iPad) which I may not have done otherwise. Now I want to try and use this more.
  8. Communication and collaboration tools used included: twitter, skype, blogs, email, gchat, google+, youtube, slideshare, facebook. dropbox, scratch, flickr

Thanks Peter Reynolds for writing the Dot, fablevision for promoting the idea and to all those who created the projects and encouraged us to add our dots to them.

Happy Dot Day and long live creativity!


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