International Dot Day

Mannith’s Dot (grade one)

International Dot Day, Sept 15th, is an initiative of FableVision Learning. The idea of celebrating a day where creativity is encouraged and for students to realise that they can make a difference to the world, is based on a book by Peter Reynolds called  “The Dot”.  It traces the story of Vashti who refused to believe that she could draw. She drew a blot of dot to make her point, but the next day found that her teacher had placed this dot in a gold frame above her desk. Knowing she could do better than that, Vashti drew many art forms of her dot and encouraged other students to be creative. See a youtube clip of The Dot

Teachers, students and classes all over the world are encouraged to take part in International Dot Day with their own creative projects. Classes at our school will take part in two different projects:-

  1. World Museum Dot Project – students will create a sprite dot using the Paint editor and then sign it. It will be saved and uploaded to the World Dot Gallery together with other dots from around the world.
  2. Dots Around the World Collaborative  by Chrissy Hellier  Students in this project will us an iPad to create their dot. A number of apps have been suggested but my classes will use Doodle Buddy which is free and readily available on their class set of iPads.

See the flickr slideshow of the dots created so far by Grade Prep/Ones (Year 9 students will also be participating.)

How we did it:-

  1. Watched the youtube video on the Dot (as we do not have the book)
  2. Discussed ways of creating dots on Doodle Buddy and the possible need for a plain background. Learnt how to get a plain background
  3. For the scratch dots, we watched the movie, visited the world museum site to see how it will look. Download the image and saved in the school network drive. Students then created their own dots and signed them.


  • simple projects that can be completed in one 50 min lesson
  • The prep/one class were thoroughly engaged creating their dots. The dots can be saved to the camera roll and then emailed to the teacher account for sharing further.
  • Each student has created a completely different dot(s)
  • The dots were shared in a dropbox folder and also uploaded to flickr.
  • Chrissy Hellier was generous with time and has commented on each student dot.
  • Even the older students were highly motivated and took up the challenge
  • Meeting and linking up with others who were involved
  • Skype videoconference linkup with Chrissy’s class in Bangkok

Are you taking part in International Dot Day? What suggestions would you have to celebrate this day?

Many people ask where they get started in connecting with others. Projects like these are very simple but give a great introduction to the power of technology.


7 responses to “International Dot Day

  1. Thank you for the inspirational story.

    • Hi temarie1129 Thank you for stopping by, reading the post and commenting. I am rather intrigued with why would you call it an inspirational story?

  2. Hi Anne,

    I heard about International Dot Day ages ago (and promptly forgot it amidst everything else that’s been going on this term!), but I’m definitely going to be working on Dot projects with my Prep/1s later this week. I’ve definitely been inspired by the great iPad Dots, but I also love traditional art media – knowing me we’ll probably do a bit of both.

    I’m also running a Family Blogging Month (encouraging parents to get involved in the Little Smarties blog – which is going great after 1 week)… so I think I may issue a challenge for the families to create their own Dots and send a photo in to create a Little Smarties Dot Gallery page on the blog. We’ll see how it goes!

    Thanks for the links and sharing the inspiration,

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