Immersive Education and Virtual Worlds – eT@lking in Review

What an intriguing and interesting session this was. Jane Talyor shared her experiences at the Immersive Education Conference in Boston in June 2012. She shared cutting edge use of technology, augmented reality and virtual worlds and more and its potential in education. Jane and Mic Lowne, who moderated this session teach at  Wooranna Park PS with amazing learning spaces. Below are some of the links shared.

Here is a link to the recording.  Shamblesguru, one of the participants from Chiang Mai, Thailand shared many useful links as well.

From Jane Taylor

Youtube videos

From Shamblesguru

  1. Apps for android devices
  2. Chirp sings information to another iDevice
  3. Virtual Student Fair
  4. Augmented Reality App – one there will teach nutrition
  5. Teach Digital and the The 10 Cube Challenge: Using Virtual Worlds To Foster Creative Thinking
  6. EcoMuve by Havard
  7. Wonderland
  8. Link to Sim on a Stick – Virtual Worlds on a USB stick
  9. Free Augmented Reality App 3D Spacecraft from NASA
  10. Scoopit Teacher CPD Online

From the chat

  • Simon shared Cloud Party Time (requires Facebook login)
  • Learn Scratch Resources

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