Randomly linking to Design a Book Cover

My attempt at the Book Cover

Several years ago, I used a post by another Australian librarian as a basis for my class to design a book cover for Children’s Book Week in Australia. This week my students designed a book cover using the following online sites.

  1. The title came from Random Article link on left hand sidebar of Wikipedia 
  2. The author’s name was created from Random Name Generator
  3. Students used word generator to get the search term for their cover image. That search term was used in Flickr CC to choose an image.

Students then saved all three results and created a book cover using MS Powerpoint or MS Paint, saving the final file as a jpg and adding it as a post on their blogs.

What worked well:

  • Students were engaged
  • Most completed the task in 50 minutes but did not have time to place it in a blog post.
  • I used it with 13 year olds. Care may need to be taken with younger students as one topic from wikipedia random articles was not suitable. Care may need to be taken with the photos as well.
  • Great teaching lesson on creative commons for the use of image. Students had to read the licensing and save the image url to place on their blog post or in small print on their book cover.
  • Exposed them to some tools that may help when they cannot think of titles or prompts etc  the random type generators.

Have you done something similar? What other ideas do you have for some of the random generators on the internet.



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