e-Ignite in Review

This was a trial session held in eT@lking last Wednesday evening, where five presenters were asked to bring 20 slides and speak to each slide for 20 seconds. See this post for more details on the schedule and presenters.


  1. fast paced
  2. variety of topics and presenters
  3. positive feedback from everyone – participants and presenters
  4. A google document was set up for feedback, contact details and questions further to the presentation.


  1. 20 seconds is not long! Getting used to speak to each slide concisely
  2. A couple of blank slides showed up. Despite me being able to see all slides, all other participants could not see two of them at all.
  3. the number of slides and size of files – slides with a lot of images used up bandwidth, which meant some did not display or took too long to load for some participants. Note: resize and compress images
  4. getting slides in early enough for the organiser to pre load and ensure  they have loaded into the room sufficiently as participants come in.
  5. multi-tasking:- need someone to moderate, keep the program flowing, another to just be in charge of the timer and someone to be onto the chat watching out for questions, problems etc.
  6. challenging to be both a moderator and a presenter
  7. if question time is allowed, four speakers may be the maximum
  8. technical difficulties prevented Penny Bentley from sharing her presentation. This will be held soon.

Below is Tania’s great presentation on  What’s good on facebook for educators and regular teachers

Ness’ valuable presentation on Voicethread

Thanks to all our wonderful presenters. It appears that this might be a regular event on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Would you be prepared to present?


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