Meeting our author face to face

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Whilst in New York for the Partnership for Global Learning conference, I was able to meet up with our author, Christopher Herz, who I initially met on twitter and then who came to students over lunchtimes to work with them on a shared passion for writing – Lunch with an Author. There is something very special about meeting an online colleague and mentor face to face – an event that is difficult to put into words. However, it does cement the friendship and spurs further ongoing connections.

My hotel was two blocks from Bryant Park, which became a favourite place to visit in New York. It had shaded trees, lots of seats for relaxing, New Yorkers enjoying the outdoors, table tennis tables, spaces for playing bowls, chess etc,  a huge expanse of grass for picnicking and a large screen for weekly screenings of movies at night time.

Christopher and I met for breakfast in this park. It was here that he sold his first book. The New York library bordered the park and as this is one of Christopher’s favourite places, he took me for a look at the inside of this wonderful place. I love having locals take me to their favourite places. These are often so much more special than the normal tourist routes.

Discussions took place re future collaborative work with the students. After a wonderful meeting of several hours it was time to part. It is hoped that our lunchtime meetings will start up again for interested students – perhaps with a different approach. This is work in progress!


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