The Sun Never Sets! Connected Education Around the World

“The Sun Never Sets” is one of the scheduled sessions offered as part of Connected Educator Month.  It will be held on Friday August 3rd at 5pm, UTC or Saturday, August 4th at 7am, Melbourne Australia time (GMT+10).

This is a panel and open discussion about global connected education trends and how connected educators around the world can help each other improve practice, with panelists Ed Gragert, Lucy Gray, Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay, and Anne Mirtschin, Steve Hargadon moderating.

These fellow panelists have been highly instrumental in  ensuring that the sun does not set for my students, classes and learning. It is with great pride that I join them in this great  discussion. Steve Hargadon created Classroom 2.0, an online space for global educators to share conversations five years ago – a kickstart space for me to become well connected. Julie and Vicki co-founded the Flat Classroom Projects – projects where my students and I have learnt so much about connecting, communicating and creating with others across the globe, using the latest in technology.  Lucy Gray has shared her passion for global education by forming a ning for educators wishing to get involved in global projects. She co-founded the online Global Education Conference together with Steve Hargadon. Dr. Edwin H. Gragert is Executive Director of iEARN-USA. iEarn has developed online collaborative projects across 130 countries, with up to 2 million students working daily on these projects.

The title of this session alone is fascinating enough to draw a crowd of educators wishing to connect. The panelists are visionaries and I have simply been fortunate enough to be part of their vision. Please join us and share in the conversations.

Here is the link to join in this session.

Make sure you also check out some of the other wonderful activities and events from the Connected Educator site. Follow the hashtag #ce12 on twitter.


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