Connected Educator Month

At this year’s annual ISTE conference in June, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan declared August Connected Educator Month (, aimed at broadening and deepening educator participation in online communities and networks while providing opportunities for education leaders to move the field forward together. To celebrate CEM there will be four-plus weeks of online events and activities, including forums, webinars, guided tours, open houses, contests, and badges. More than 100 major national education organizations, communities, and companies have committed to participate. 

Today, 1st August is the start of the Connected Educator month. The Australia Series:- eT@lking, Tech Talk Tuesdays and Community Connect will feature weekly webinars that will follow this theme.

There are many wonderful activites, webinars and other events featured on the Connected Educators Site. Please check them out and revisit these sites to keep up to date with what is happening.  See Steve Hargadon’s post on Connected Educator Month – Week One’s Amazing Schedule. You can also present, participate and volunteer to help with Learning 2.0 Conference Aug 20th-24th

Connecting to others – educators, community members, interest groups and students online has made a big difference to my ability to teach, learn and share in both synchronous and asynchronous time. How important is connecting with others – particularly social learning to you?


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