Students to Benefit from Crowdsourcing

Next week a very nervous group of year 11  students will go to Melbourne to under take two weeks of work experience. For some, it will be their first time in Melbourne. In the past,  students acknowledge how valuable this experience is. Having travelled recently to USA for conferences,  I was made aware of the value of a number of apps could have and started to make a list of appropriate ones for the students in Melbourne. A tweet was put out seeking further recommendations. Tweet responses started to flow in. See Britt Gow’s recommendations below:-

Then I noticed the tweet below from Roland Gesthuizen.

What a great and obvious idea! A google document was quickly put together with a few headings and a few of my suggestions and soon it was filled with many apps from maps, public transport, to eco challenges, a google doctor for those who may fall ill, social activites, a list of public toilets nearby and much much more. Take a look at the document. It is still work in progress, so if you have suggestions please add them to the document, or as a comment on this post and visit again later to see what else may have been added. Students were busy checking them all out during their IT class this afternoon. I have downloaded some of these to my mobile device. Big thanks to Megan Lemma who added many of these suggestions.

This shows the power of a network and crowd sourcing for learning. What examples do you have of crowdsourcing information for you or your classes?


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