Come see my daily journey to ISTE

Having decided to attend ISTE rather late in the piece, most of the cheaper accommodation was booked out. So, I stayed in the Little Italy Inn, a bed and breakfast in Little Italy, some 10-15 mins drive from the convention centre. This was a gorgeous, quaint area of San Diego. Here are some photos of my journey to ISTE each morning. Contrast that with my journey to school each day.

LIttle Italy a lovely part of San Diego

Breakfast complete, it is time to go to ISTE

Exiting the front door of the Litlle Italy Inn

Past the gardens

This reminded my of home – the tractor

Views to sea down the far end of street

Past my favourite Italian bakery and coffee shop

Past the older style houses

Nearly at hotel to catch shuttle bus


4 responses to “Come see my daily journey to ISTE

  1. Hi! Anne
    Little Italy is just so beautiful! The interior of Little Italy Inn is simply so fantastic with an English home ambiance, very much like those houses that I’ve stayed in during my student days in Dunedin, New Zealand. The yellow and white older style houses reminded me so much of the houses located in the vicinity of the university where I studied. I’m sure your stay in San Diego must have been most enriching and rewarding, both professionally and personally.

    • Hi Veronica, how interesting to read of the similarities to New Zealand. The older houses in San Diego, especially in the Little Italy area were so quaint and beautiful. They are quite different to our houses in Australia. I loved walking the streets as it was such a pretty city and I can see why it is such a popular tourist destination. The weather there was so pleasant, but when I got to New York, they were suffering a heatwave and it was still so hot when I got to Los Angeles for the last two nights of my stay. Back home now, we are having frosts and minus degrees centigrade in the mornings! Travelling and attending the conferences was really rewarding. It is always very special to meet online colleagues face to face and to make even further friends.

  2. G’day Anne,
    I had coffee in that exact same coffee shop after my trip to the San Diego Zoo and being dropped off by the Trolley Tour. It was only two blocks from my hotel.

    • Hey Sue! Wasn’t the coffee great there and I loved the variety of Italian biscuits, cakes and savouries. Where did you stay? You must have been close to where I was staying. Did you enjoy the San Diego zoo? I am so glad that I took the hop on hop off Trolley tour on the Sunday and saw a bit of San Diego. I only had time to get off at the Old Town, but did enjoy time wandering around there and recalling times from the Wild Wild West days. I am now home and trying to acclimatize to the cold weather and different time zones. Hope you had safe travels home.

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