Tuesday 26th June at ISTE

By this time, I was getting more comfortable with the wide variety of sessions and options to be found at ISTE. Following is a summary of my day.

Evernote – a pre-booked session through event-brite  at one of the nearby hotels. This was a really interesting and practical session and included demonstrations by two teachers on classroom use.

Poster Session The Flat Classroom Projects I joined 5  Flat Classroom teachers in the great foyer. We were to take it in turns over the two hours to answer questions, but were so busy that we all stayed the full time. It was wonderful to meet face to face this network and be able to share the great learning that goes on in these projects.

“There’s an App for That! Finding Real Solutions with Today’s Apps” hosted by friend Gail Lovely. Australian teacher Chris Betcher was on the panel.

Ignite session This was a fast paced, action packed, inspiring session where speakers were allowed 20 images each showing for 15 seconds to share their topic “to ignite ours and expand horizons”.  @edusum  from Sydney Australia spoke about her students and how they had united to reduce bullying issues within their school using social media.

SIGMS Forum: Expanded Learning Opportunities – Using Social Media in the Library. This was a great session. The participants, mainly librarians were a jovial, animated group who showed passion for the use of web2.0 tools. Steve Hargadon provided the keynote and then a number of presenters shared tools that they like to use.

Networking It was with great delight that I met my great friend and mentor Peggy George on the Sunday of the conference. That night I was able to go out for dinner with her and also meet face to face Kim Caise who is another special online colleague. Peggy and Kim are c0-hosts of Classroom 2.0LIVE.


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