Monday continued….at ISTE

Following are brief summaries of further sessions attended on Monday 24th June.

Creating and Collecting Digital Work with Kevin Honeycutt and Tammy Worcestor Tammy and Kevin presented as an inspiring professional team, demonstrating apps that will provide urls or embed code.  These  can then be saved as links  in a google sheet in digital dropbox. From there they can be accessed anywhere for printing or further use in online spaces etc.

Google Treks with Dr Alice Christie
Innovative and effective use of google maps bringing subject matter to life, using pins that feature links, videos, audio, images, notes etc.
Birds of a Feather – Global Education with Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis taking the lead completed the day. This was an informal gathering of like minded people sharing global projects, networking and opportunities and needs. Participants came from a broad range of countries.
The day was complete when an evening meal was enjoyed with Flat Classroom Teachers in one of the restaurants in the Gaslamp area. There is something so special about meeting online colleagues face to face!

One response to “Monday continued….at ISTE

  1. Anne, I am glad that ISTE was such a success. I am sure we will all benefit from it. Hopefully, you will keep posting about the event.

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