Sunday at ISTE

A global education summit took place after lunch on Sunday. This was an ISTE unplugged session and organised by Lucy Gray with help from Steve Hargadon. Participants were encouraged to indicate their interest in sharing an ignite session during this time. This meant speaking for  20 seconds each slide to a total of 20 slides.

To my utter delight, Peggy George was in attendance at this session, so after many years of following her, being mentored by her, by working online with her, I finally met her face to face. It was also my first time in meeting Lucy, another online work colleague.

Lucy commenced the session  with a summary of the virtual Global Education conference which is coming up in November, 2013.  A live linkup occurred with fellow Australian colleague, Rob Spaglia who shared his global writing project. Google hangout was used for this linkup.

The ignite sessions followed, with mine being ‘second cab off the rank’.  Follow this link to check out  the speakers who all had interesting global education stories or projects to share. Participants then chose the groups they wanted to join for more intimate discussions with those who had presented.

It was then time for the Opening Keynote with Sir Ken Robinson who gave a brief keynote and led a discussion with the panel comprising of Peggy Johnson, Marc Prensky and Malym Bialik.


One response to “Sunday at ISTE

  1. Heard about this through Rob. I watched the youtube video about it. Great Stuff. I wish this one would have been accessed remotely.

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