Monday at ISTE

Following are the summaries of sessions that I attended and experiences of the first full day of ISTE12, in beautiful San Diego, where the sun seems to always shine. The day commences at 8:30am or earlier and continues through to 7-8pm each night for those who wish to get the most out of their day. Opportunities then arise for networking and enjoying meals in downtown Gaslamp area.

Approximately 45 mins is allowed between sessions as the conference centre is possibly 1 mile long (note the US measurements) and sometimes folks have to walk from one side to the other.

First session- Teach your student game design in one week with Alexander Repenning. This was a bring your own device session, means that participants bring their own device and that these sessions need to be pre-booked and a resultant ticket handed in at the door for entry! If registered participants have not arrived at starting time, those in the queue are given entry.  This game is agentsheetsinc which is still in beta stage and is a commercial package. Prior to the session, all participants were contacted by the presenter, advised to download the software on trial and test that it loaded. I was impressed with the tutorial sheets that were sent us as well and with the backup and support after the session. As to the game, it is not overly expensive to purchase a license, is a similar to scratch in its ease of use, but allows advanced graphics for those who become skilled in its use, giving minecraft type visuals.

Session 2 Personal and Professional Growth using Web 2.0

Steve Hargadon is one of my heroes and favourite presenters. His caring, passionate and knowledgeable approach, always seeking interaction from the audience is always powerful learning. Here is  a summary of Steve’s key points.

  1. Build your own personal network
  2. Develop a personal web presence
  3. Develop your own online habtitudes (Angela Meiers)
  4. Become part of the conversations
  5. Build, curate or participate in a passion project
  6. Elevate your voice or career
  7. Speak or present at  a conference or online.

Further sessions to be continued as sleep now calls!


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