Activities prior to ISTE

Arriving on the day of Socialedcon or ISTE Unplugged, I knew that I was unlikely to make any of it. Tiredness took over from the travel, so a sleep was more important than rushing in to ISTE. Time was also spent walking around my accommodation to acquaint myself with the charming Little Italy neighbourhood. The farmers markets were just a couple of blocks from the Little Italy Inn, where I am staying. These were great – such a variety of home produce, food, drinks and crafts from many different cultures was available for sale.

After a catnap, it was time to test my navigational skills and catch two trolleys to the convention centre. It located along the waterfront with magnificent scenic views of the bridge, harbor, boats and navy vessels. Stunning! Or “awesome” – a word I am starting to use! After registering, I found the  unconference workshop on apps for iPads was still running, I joined that group and added a list of recommended apps to my list. Following are some, although I have not tested them, nor had time to hyperlink the urls.

  • Clipboard
  • Explain everything-records many pages show me is only one page
  • Nearpod- pushes our tasks eg quizzes to students
  • Reflection
  • Remember the milk
  • Sucrative- can be used to check student understanding
  • Aurasma creates augmented reality
  • Aroundme – to find restaurants
  • Motion handheld – is a gps and tracks the pathway
  • Rover has its own filtering – substitute for safari
  • Red laser and quick mark for qr codes
  • Paper port notes converts live to txt
  • Chorepad – can set up acitivites with rewards etc
  • Pen ultimate lets you write
  • Neat receipt or scan snap can digitalize receipts
  • Evernote

In the Sails Pavilion before the rush!

After meeting @lisaparisi @bryancosby and @mariaknee, a meal was enjoyed with the ISTE affiliates. To experience some of American life, I attended the ball game between the local Padres and another team. The stadium was colossal populated heavily with fans. However, the game was not a fast action packed one, so tiredness brought me back to the hotel early.

Sunday morning was my only chance to do some sightseeing. During the morning, I caught the tourist trolley – a two hour trip around the major sights of San Diego. As time was short, I alighted only once – at the Old Town – a restored historic village bearing evidence of the Mexican influence and days of the wild, wild west. Many conference attendees fail to take some time to explore the city the conference is hosted in.


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