Tech Talk Tuesdays/eT@lking: This week’s webinars

When: Tuesday June 18th, 4-5pm, Melbourne Victoria time (gmt+10)

About this session: Listen to two practising teachers, Marg Beagley and Judi Hale share some amazing adventures and global connections. They will discuss the ways that Yarram Primary School, a small rural school with little exposure to multiculturalism, has integrated studies of the world and society into their program in a ‘real’ way.  These teachers initially formed a bond with Argentina and whilst this friendship is growing they now intend to extend their learning to China.

The impact that their interactions with the school in South America has made on that school and its community is just ‘magical’ and shows the power that technology can bring to learning and global education. If you are interested in global education, do not miss this one!

Click on this link to listen to the recording.

eT@lking –  LEGO MINDSTORMS – with Mic Lowne

When: Tuesday June 20 from 8-9pm

About this session: Maths, but not as we know it. Learn more by attending this great webinar.  Jess McCulloch is our host for the month of June.

Our Presenter: Mic Lowne from Wooranna Park Primary School Here is Mic’s Twitter handle 

Here is the link to the recording


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