An uprising – “Learning at the grass roots”.

Last year, I received this message:-

‘”Miss, can you please give me TRIAL EXAMS for unit vce accounting 2011 and from previous years

My classes are big and my teacher isnt that good withrevision so i was wondering. i was wondering if you know any VCE MATH METHODS and ENGLISH  sites like this so i can email teachers if i dont undertand or want practise exams.”

I had been googled, found on slideshare where I had been uploading digital learning objects for my VCE accounting class. (My class included three virtual students). What impact will requests like this have for students and learning?

When working on a collaborative project with students from a university in Japan, this request was made of my students in the forum section of the moodle:-

I have a favor to ask of you. Now I study English, but my English have a lot of mistakes. I want you to check my English and correct  mistakes if you have time. Thanks, Ayaka

Your English is quite good for the majority of your writing but I have written it now as I would have. However, I was unable to complete your second paragraph because I could not understand what Obachann was. Could you please tell me?   Chloe

Hi Chloe!

I appreciate your kindness. “Obachan” is women whose age are 30-50 and they have warm heart and great energy. Most of them love going to shopping, watching Korean dramas and having a chat in the street. Thanks,  Ayaka

Is this an indication of the future of learning? Students at the grass roots are using technology to take hold of the quality of their learning and its direction.

  1. Have you any examples like these to share?
  2. What will this mean for the future in regard to learning and teaching?

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