ICTEV 2012

Today I am delighted to be at the ICTEV2012 conference. My session presentations etc will be placed back here. The following three google docs have been setup as a backchannel

  1. Connecting Learning
  2. The networked teacher
  3. Learning in the Little Big Classrooms


The Networked Teacher

Learning in Little Big Classrooms

Connecting Learning

The complete presentations can be seen on the ICTEV Channel on Youtube: Learning in Little Bit Classrooms, The Networked Teacher,   Connecting with Learning

I was proud and honoured to be named ICTEV Teacher of the Year. Here is the movie created summarizing my teaching in 90 seconds!


2 responses to “ICTEV 2012

  1. Thanks Anne for your fantastic sessions today. I am a student teacher and I have taken a great deal of inspiration out of the two sessions of yours that I attended today. Cheers

    • Thank you Mel. I wish I was a graduate teacher as there are such exciting times ahead for teaching and learning.

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