What I learnt from the students this week!

I would like to try and document what I learn from the students each week, so that

  1. I will not forget how to do what they share with me
  2. Share how precious my student learning network can be.
  3. Help prove that you do not need to everything or even much at all about technology, as the students will work with you through it all.
  4. Remind me that the students can be so much more techno savvy. than me.

This week….

  • Students are learning data normalisation using MS Access. They were to work their way through online tutorials. Sections of these tutorials featured videos. One of my best students had problems with the sound. She checked the headset volume gauge, the video volume icon and the computer sound control icon. All were at maximum levels.
  • A few minutes later all was quiet. Chloe told me that she decided to use the closed caption display icon instead of the audio.
  • Great option in  videos which enable all those options for students so that they can choose the one that works best for either their learning abilities or the technological capabilities. This style possibly suited Chloe better.

One response to “What I learnt from the students this week!

  1. I love this idea, “What I learn from students”. I hope you don’t mind if I try this myself.

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