Could you please make sure you put up tasks on your blog?

On Friday, one of my students asked me:-

Could you please make sure you put what I have to do for Monday and Tuesday’s classes on your blog?

When queried further, I learnt that this student was to have a medical procedure that required hospitalisation and absence from school on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. She wants to keep up to date with her school work.

Each day, I try to put the class instructions on my class blog, students logon, check my blog post and often proceed their tasks before I enter the room. However, due to other time commitments, I have been a bit slack of late with my year 12 class and have been either writing the instructions on the board, or teaching them the lesson procedures.

Click on this link to see the blog post on depreciation for Renee. It had multiple media and links to sites that she and my class could look at in their own time.

Here is a solid example of the importance of digital teaching and learning and …. it comes from a student! It highlights the important role that blogging takes. How many other teachers in the school could she have asked that same question?


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