Celebrating Global Connections and Collaboration

One really important step in innovation (which for me has been global connections/collaboration) is celebrating the projects in some form.

Why I feel this is important:-

  1. it is engaging and motivating for the participants
  2. promotes the projects and innovation to others
  3.  sparks interest and extends  the innovation beyond the immediate classrooms or participants involved.
  4. It is vital to keep parents and the wider community informed and involved.
  5. Enables reflection
  6. This is the seventh step in flattening classrooms for the Flat Classroom Projects .

Celebrating global times

How does our school celebrate these projects?

  1. Clocks are hung on the wall above our office, displaying the times of countries that we connect with. This is a great talking point with visitors to our school and gives us a chance to share our exciting global work.
  2. Flags are hung proudly from the rafters in the library of the countries we connect with – a bright addition to our school space and another talking point for visitors.
  3. Displays on walls in the computer room and general classrooms. Smaller flags are displayed on the cupboard in the computer room.
  4. Involvement in the Flat Classroom Projects culminating in student summits, where students put together a summary slide of their learning in MS Powerpoint. A webinar room is booked, the summit promoted globally and students go LIVE with their presentation at an appointed time, despite student nerves etc  The students currently involved in the projects will complete their summits within the next month.
  5. articles in our community newsletter
  6. posts on the teacher, class and school blogs
  7. special celebrations that involve as many as possible  eg Lunch with an authorwhere parents, teachers and students were invited to bring food to share for the videoconference linkup with Christopher Herz who virtually presented a copy of his latest novel.
  8. creating a special website that is globally accessible eg Global Storytelling and features student work. (I also love the World Friends project site which has been created by Professor Yoshiro Miyata.)
  9. Tweet it out!

Celebratory lunch with author, parents, teachers and students

Showcasing with Class Displays


Classroom display

How do you celebrate global projects? What ideas could you add to the above to spread the innovation and projects further? Please email me at innovatorofthemonth@gmail.com or add a comment below.


2 responses to “Celebrating Global Connections and Collaboration

  1. Anne, Thank you so much for this post. You inspired me to blog about our flat classroom project and to write about it in our scool newsletter. I love the clocks idea. I have started putting flags around my classroom, but now will attack the foyer!

    • annemirtschin

      The clocks idea was not actually mine. One of our earliest contacts and connections was with a teacher from the USA, Paul Bogush and his classes. When we ‘skpyed’ his class on several occasions, we could see the collection of clocks on the wall, indicating the times in countries that they would connect with. So, we ‘borrowed’ that idea. It is a real talking point for visitors into our school.

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