The Easter Festival

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Easter and Christmas are the two major festivals  practised by Christian communities (and the general public) in Australia. Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays.  People will attend church over this time – predominantly on Friday and Sunday. It is time often spent with family or others will go camping or away for an extended weekend. 

As a child we made nests out of sticks, flowers and other materials from the garden and placed these nests at the foot of our bed. On Easter Sunday, we would find chocolate or sugar coated eggs brought courtousy of the Easter Bunny in our nests.

It was with fascination that  the customs in Slovenia and Croatia were observed on our travels this Easter. Greater use of decorations is made in these countries in the lead up to Easter. Many shops, restaurants and gardens feature ornaments and dried twigs/branches with decorative eggs hanging from them. In Australia, we eat hot cross buns, but they were not been seen at all. However, there have been cakes and biscuits etc in the shape of chickens and rabbits.

In Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, there were large Easter eggs adorning an area in front of their large cathedral. The flower market stalls had many different floral arrangements and bunches for sale.

What Easter celebrations do you enjoy?


One response to “The Easter Festival

  1. Hi Anne,
    Your post arrived just in time – we are going to celebrate Easter next Sunday in Russia (those who go to Orthodox church). Next week we are to prepare for the celebrations. On Thursday before Easter we colour eggs and bake a special cake, ‘kulich’, with raisins, nuts, vanilla – very tasty! On Saturday many people go to church with their eggs and kuliches, where priests sprinkle the food with holy water. On Sunday we visit our parents, exchange eggs, cakes and small gifts with our friends and neighbours.

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