Global Projects for the Early Years – k-2 Building Bridges

Teaching year prep/one this term has been challenging and exciting. During the term, we have been involved with the pilot K-2 Building Bridges Flat Classroom Project. This has been a fabulous venture to get involved in. Another whole network of educators has opened up and many of these early years teachers are part of this pilot,  with little technological knowledge, but lots of passion, energy and creativity.

Weekly meetings for teachers involved are held online. Blackboard collaborate is used to host the meetings, with breakout rooms created to allow individual group discussions. My class is in group 9 with a school from Thailand and two from USA. Each group is introducing themselves with a handshake. Here is my prep/one handshake in a voicethread! (It is nearly complete).

Here is what we did:

  1. Students drew themselves in MS Paint and saved the avatar as a jpg. A collage of their avatars has been inserted as an image above. It was created with MS Collage Maker.
  2. A voicethread was created and the images uploaded
  3. Year 7 and 8 students helped with the recording of the little ones’ voices.
  4. A laptop with open mic was used for the recording (so there is background noise at times and prompts from the older students!

Take time to check out the other great handshakes for our group or the other groups. (Scroll to the bottom of the page)


3 responses to “Global Projects for the Early Years – k-2 Building Bridges

  1. Hi Anne. This sounds like a wonderful project. I’ve often thought that this age group has needed some interesting global projects. Is this open to anyone?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful project Anne. I’ve often thought that the younger students needed some interesting projects. Is this open to anyone? I’m wondering if some of our early years teachers would be interested.

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