Global Projects

Following is a list of global projects that I know of and can recomment, are currently involved in and networking sites that I am a member of. Always looking to learn from you, please – what are your favourite global projects, networking sites or what projects do you know of.

Global Projects

  1. Flat Classroom Projects
  2. Sunny thoughts project
  3. The student blogging challenge
  4. World Friends Project using scratch to make global friends
  5. The moon project
  6. The global classroom project – a wiki listing many projects, most current projects
  7. Projects by Jen – an ongoing  range of global projects for early to middle years
  8. The Poetry School
  9. Skype Play
  10. The global lunch table project
  11. The global hello project
  12. The lunchbox project

Projects that my classes are currently involved in:-

  1. Netgened Project – a Flat Classroom Project for my year 11 IT students (16-17 years)
  2. Flat Classroom 12-1 Project with my year 9/10 elective students (14/15 years)
  3.  the pilot K-2 Building Bridges project with my prep/grade one class (5/6 years of age)
  4. The Student Blogging Challenge with my year 7 ICT students – 12/13 years
  5. World Friends – with my grade 4/5 ICT class

Membership of Global Networking Sites

  1. Classroom 2.0
  2. Flat Classroom Projects
  3. The Global Education Collaborative
  4. Hello Little World Skypers
  5. School beyond the walls
  6. Projects by Jen
But, I also love the spontaneous networking that can bring about short and simple connections and projects.
Online conferences and webinars for further global networking (these are free)

Global Projects that I have created

  1. Across the World – with a Russian school
  2. Globalstorytelling – with 2 schools in Malaysia and Bulgaria (See our presentation for the Global Education Conference – eCultural Learning Adventures

How did you find global projects to be involved in? What do you need to know about global projects?


3 responses to “Global Projects

  1. As always you give great resources. I will add this to my list for next year. I am really limited this year in what I am allowed to do.


  2. Heather, it will be wonderful when you can draw on this great list and follow your teaching passions. I will try and add to this list as I find more.

  3. Thanks for the list. There are a few I might try this year. I will also share this great collection. I want to be a global virtual tour guide. Global Projects are so much fun.

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