The Black Line Mystery – eT@lking in Review

Jess McCulloch in innovative style, presented on her fabulously creative  Black Line Mystery – the most difficult Chinese character known to mankind. Using google apps to great effect and impact, she has built a series of lesson plans that are set to engage young and old alike. Joining us tonight were two special participants, Vincent Mespoulet from France and Beyond School Walls and Trent who was bracing snow falls somewhere near Antartica, plus many of our valued Australian colleagues.

You can view Jess’ great mystery by going to The Black Line Mystery and keying in the password hanzi The mystery then unfolds with innovative use of online tools including google apps, vokis and edmodo.

From the chat:-

Here is the link to the recording.


One response to “The Black Line Mystery – eT@lking in Review

  1. When she presented this at the K-12 Conference I was blown away and immediately copied the character and took it to my students to see if they could figure it out. (The majority of them speak Chinese as a first or second language.) It took them a while and the help of my wonderful Chinese co-teacher, who had to do a bit of research,to figure out what the character was. Imagine all of our surprise when it turned out to be a noodle. I felt quite let down. I figured it was something majestic. Not only that, it is a noodle that is only made in a very small part of China.

    The whole approach Jess uses to this project is amazing.

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