Teachable moments!

My combined year 11 and 12 class had just logged on to their computers when one of the students asked whether I had seen the Kony video. Intrigued, I asked for more information, then decided to forget the planned lesson and let the class watch it.

How opportune it was as the students are studying online communities, their purpose and functionality etc! The documentary is gripping and is powerful viewing. It makes for some wonderful discussion points for IT in general, including the power of social networking and online communities, demonstrates some fine visual data, gripping viewing and a challenge. The documentary, uploaded yesterday, shares the atrocious work of Kony in Uganda and his role in murder, child soldiers, rapes and the slave trade. The aim is to catch him before the end of the year.

Here is the link to the video in vimeo. At the beginning of the day 1 million people had watched the video in youtube. By the end of the day 4 million, the next day, 30 million. It has gone viral.
Twitter displayed it as  the top trending topic for the day. #stopkony
Have you watched this video? What would your comments be?

4 responses to “Teachable moments!

  1. Katherine Zablatnik

    Dear Anne, the same thing happened here in my class in St. Veit a.d. Glan., Austria. Today my students would like to launch a campaign. I’ll keep you up-to-date. Maybe we could skype to collaborate.
    Hearty greetings from Austria,

  2. Similar experience here in Pennsylvania, USA. Some of my students asked if they could print some posters and they showed me one of the Kony 2012 ones they had already printed. They also showed me the video which is well done. Curious I started digging a little further and found that the Invisible Children charity that is sponsoring this campaign has many critics because of the way they manage their money (spending only 32% of the $8,600,000 raised on actual charity work for example http://visiblechildren.tumblr.com/ ). I’m working on a lesson plan that will compare and contrast Invisible Children with another charity like the March of Dimes using some online resources – trying to get my students to look just a little deeper if possible.

  3. I thought the video was very well made. I think the purpose was to make people aware more than make a profit as some are saying. There are so many horrible things that happen in this world. But to rid ourselves of one, is still great.

  4. Further to these discussions, the fabulous HLW skypers group has added these links for further discussion on the consideration of critical thinking and internet research skills. The African voice replies http://boingboing.net/2012/03/08/african-voices-respond-to-hype.html

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