International Women’s Day

8th  March is International Women’s Day. Interesting to see that it is a trending topic on twitter for today with an interesting assortment of hashtags! In the past, at our school, we have celebrated by:-

  • taking all female students and staff down to the nearby Apex Park for a picnic lunch.
  • encouraging all students to come to school in something purple
  • giving each student a purple ribbon to wear
Our visiting Chinese student tells us that it is common for girls in China to give flowers or presents to their mothers. How do other cultures celebrate international womens day? 
My friend Tatyana from Russia emailed me further information:-
It is really an event here in Russia. Men try to do their best even some days before the holiday.
Yesterday the city traffic collapsed, the price of flowers went several times higher.
It is usually a family holiday. Spring is in the air, love and all that.
Govinda, my friend from Nepal said on skype:-

we have school off
[8/03/2012 12:59:52 PM] Govinda Prasad Panthy: women foundations in different part of the country organize some programs.

Lin-lin from Taiwan commented

 we seldom celebrate Womem’s Day nowadays…We used to have a holiday this day about 20 years ago…but now…things are very different here.Do you celebrate International Womens Day in your classroom? How do other cultures celebrate? Some page of resources and activities can be found at International Women’s Day


3 responses to “International Women’s Day

  1. Happy Women’s Day, Ann!
    We have a day off work in Russia and men give us lots of flowers and presents. They do all the housework and try to please us all day long.
    We have parties at school too. Our students also show their love with cards, ecards, flowers. And there are great films and concerts on TV.
    It is a nice day! 🙂

    • Hi Tania, Women’s Day is not really celebrated in the manner that you do in Russia! I love hearing that men do all the housework and try to please women. It all sounds so special.

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