From Snow to Bushfires!

Demonstrating the windows phone

Year 9/10 students were today treated to a live linkup using discoverE with two of Lorraine Leo’s students who were to share their school. Yesterday, it was snowing in Boston, (See it’s snowing outside) when another of her students, taught my grade 4/5 IT class to program with Scratch. Today, it was our turn for extremes. A bushfire was in progress south of our school. The CFA students (who train to become junior firefighters) were on the bus to Warrnambool to work with the Station in there. Unfortunately, they were turned back as the fire was out of control at that stage.

This made a great conversation piece to start our session with Boston. We could share the online link to the  CFA fire map where the fire was clearly marked. Fortunately, it was under control at that stage.

Again the engagement of students was evident. They like to be logged on to their own computers and be able to interact in the chat and ask questions. After receiving a pictorial presentation of their school, students asked questions of each other either in the chat or live on the microphone. One of the boys from Boston, quickly went downstairs to get his windows mobile phone to show us. One of my girls mentioned that we were now into autumn. The response back was “Oh, are you now in Fall!”.

The final minutes were spent drawing on the whiteboard where students from across the globe drew their own pics of favourite technology in real time. Amazing! Thanks again Lorraine for your wonderful effort.


One response to “From Snow to Bushfires!

  1. You are right Anne. Lorraine has a very smart group of students. I still remember my session with them. Lorraine even recorded the session and sent me a link. She is one of those rare facilitators.

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