(Burnt) Dinner for Two!

The summer has been warm. This has meant that the vegetable garden has been more productive than previous years. The sweet corn was ready to pick (to our surprise!) – a little earlier than usual. As a low maintenance dinner was required,  into the pan went fresh succulent corn cobs – a meal all  in itself.

While the corn was cooking, I settled down, cup of coffee in hand,  at my desktop computer, to participate in the “Listen to  the Examiner” session organised by the VCTA for VCE Accounting teachers. This was the first time that a face to face session was to be combined with a virtual audience, using Blackboard Collaborate. This workshop is of high priority for VCE teachers to attend,  as all teachers want to get the best possible exam scores. However attending such a session is impossible for me and many other country participants due to the time, cost, effort, distance involved (4 12 drive for me)etc.

Neville Box, the presenter added humour and stories and exhibited an easy listening  style for both his face to face and virtual audience.

45 minutes later, I smelt a pungent burning odour. Yikes, the session was so engaging that I forgot all about the corn! I quickly removed the charred pan, placed it outside and continued on with the session. A bit thank you to VCTA for allowing the dual nature of these presentations. It means that no country teacher is left behind.

What I liked:-

  • The quality of the sound and video was fabulous. (The presenter displayed in the video module at all times).
  • The engaging manner of the presenter and his willingness to repeat the questions from the actual audience so the virtual audience could hear.
  • The professionally prepared slides
  • The fact that both virtual and face to face participants could ask questions but virtual participants could put their questions in the chat at any time. Leonie’s (our moderator) feedback in the chat and interaction.
  • Country participants could settle down and relax at their computer to watch the session in a style that suited them.

The challenges:

  • Getting the message out to others as to how powerful webinars can be.
  • Continuing to keep ‘no teacher left behind’

One response to “(Burnt) Dinner for Two!

  1. Anne, I loved reading about this session. When a session is that engaging, who cares about burnt dinner! I love that there was a face to face and a virtual audience and that the presenter managed to link them both by repeating questions from both audiences. Thanks for sharing this.

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