Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking: this week’s webinars!

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Playing with my iPad

When:- Tuesday 28th February, 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11)

About the session: Penny Bentley recently acquired an iPad and ‘played’ with itwhilst on a camping holiday with her family.  Of high priority was to find several apps for efficient “work flow”…with Evernote as her central hub for file storage and transfer via the “cloud”. Penny wanted to se if she could create work in the “field” and share it in real time using social media…mainly Twitter and Facebook

Being in a beautiful, natural environment she was also keen to play with audio, video, photography as well as text. The iPad was in high demand amongst the family.

The application to the classroom: With a 3G connection students and teachers could add another dimension to their excursions out in the field or even around the school in places where wireless drops out.

About our presenter:Penny Bentley is an innovative Australian Teacher who currently tutors students, online and face to face, in Maths, Science and Computer skills. She is fascinated by the potential of mobile devices to enhance student learning and passionate about mentoring teachers as they increase technology use in the classroom.

Please join us as Penny shares what she has learnt in the last couple of months.

Here is the link to the recording

eT@lking: Leaping into the Year- Share, show and tell

and in leap year we assign…….

When: Wed night 29th, Melbourne, Australia time 8-9pm

About the session: Let’s celebrate the leap year, by  leaping into the year with technology. Bring along questions, stuff you want to know, bring something to share, if possible show us a tool or a website and tell us how you use it. It is hoped to start with Ness Crouch giving a demonstration of some apps that can be used with students with special needs.

Bring along your burning questions, issues or something to share and help build a community of knowledge.

Here is the link to the recording.  If you cannot make it, is there something you would like to ask, discuss or share? If so, please leave a comment below.


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