Meeting of the minds – #motm12

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This weekend, I attended the Meeting of the Minds 2012 unconference. In the words of the organisers:

this is a conference with a difference: sharing stories, conversations, connecting with other passionate educators who are integrating iCT with pedagogy.

 In the main, it was participant driven – what we wanted to learn, what we could  share and what was eating us. Sticky notes, added by participants, adorned the glass walls with proposed topics, questions and areas of need. Participants grouped the notes into more general headings. We could then choose from four  topics for 5 workshops over the weekend. These workshops were great ways of sharing knowledge, experiences and conversations.  The un-workshops that I attended were:-

  1. Building the global classrooms – a highlight being my online colleague from India, Sebastian Panakal was on skype and willing to videoconference in on the ‘spur of the moment’. speak to each participant and share his screen to talk to one of his slides. Thanks Sebastian.
  2. There’s an app for that
  3. Using games in the classroom
  4. Yo Twitter
  5. Exploring and sharing iPad apps
  • On the Saturday morning, Richard Olsen of Big Ideas Lab led on us on a thought provoking ‘big picture’ presentation featuring a discussion on  learning and how we learn.  
  • This was followed by a lunch, where we paired with another to create the lunch of their choice, following instructions. The lunch was to be decorated in an innovative and creative way, a digital photo taken, shared in twitter with the #motm12s tag
  • Three un-workshops
  • A fantastic session with a top Australian saxaphonist who talked of his work, use of technology and need to break away from it all at times to get creative ideas.
  • Dinner followed by the squirm debates which did make me squirm at times.

The link to two sessions attended follows. They are work in progress. Can you please add to them?

Thanks to the great efforts of @jessmcculloch, @wille42, @itmadesimple for a great meeting. Thanks to all who participated and made the conference so memorable and sharing the collective knowledge and to my taxi drivers: @brettelockyer and @jjash 

See more on the conference

  1. Roland Gesthuzien’s storify summary
  2. Summary in a movie
  3. Follow #motm12 in twitter for continuing stories between minds.

Do you think that this type of conference is a good idea? Have you attended an unconference or workshop. Teachmeets are gaining increasing popularity here in Australia. Have you been to any?


4 responses to “Meeting of the minds – #motm12

  1. Hi! Anne
    What a great event this really is! You simply amazed me with the kind of passion that you have, always proactive and staying connected with others in the field of ICT, sharing ideas and doing the best for education in schools!

  2. Try as hard as I can, I can never match your passion and drive, Anne. Thank you for asking me to connect with your team on Skype at #motm12. I am planning something along these lines in India. I will need your support and guidance all the way.

  3. Anne, you’ve created a neat summary of the event that gives a real feel for what occurred. I think the philosophy behind the unconference is excellent. The ‘visiting expert’ model of professional learning has shortcomings that are overcome by this ‘user’ driven model.
    The idea of ‘learning communities’ is a powerful one and creating a format for this community to meet and share provided a wonderful opportunity that I felt privileged to be a part of.

    • Thanks, Russell for your valued comment. It succinctly summarizes all that I chatted on about. It was great to meet you face to face.

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