Getting organised for the start of a new school year

Determined to continue experimenting as much as possible with online tools and technology to engage students and empower their learning, I feel that one of the key factors to success will be organisation, appropriate online presence and developing individual name brands. It is easy to get ‘lost’ with the resources, tasks that need to be completed and student work (and I am naturally a disorganised person!) With this in light, the first few days will be spent getting students setup. Here is what will be done:-

From my (the teacher) perspective

  1. Register each student from my classes, (excepting the preps) with  an individual global2 blog. (our Education Department campus of edublogs)
  2. Setup my own class blog as an example for students eg add my timetable, links to resources etc
  3. Make sure my google calendar is updated
  4. Update my google reader for RSS feeds
  5. Use netvibes to organize my digital life, classes and teaching See Overview on netvibes and blog post for the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher course
  6. Survey students to ascertain their use of technology and online spaces.
  7. Update my class blog, adding in links for new student blogs and editing the year levels that students are in.
The student perspective:
  1. Type up a timetable in MS Word or Excel, add it to a page on each student’s blog
  2. Add links on the sidebar to regularly used sites and useful resources
  3. Setup folders for each subject on computer desktop and network
  4. Setup  an igoogle page for organisational startups eg google mail, calendar, RSS feeds with google reader, appropriate gadgets, customization See some tips from thurs3
  5. Create a google calendar and add to igoogle page

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