Light a Candle around the World – an effective but simple global project

Too often, we enter complex projects which although can be extremely valuable, can also be time consuming and anxiety ridden! I love this simple, but very effective project of my friend, Lorraine Leo’s “Light the Candles in 2012“. Lorraine asked fellow global colleagues to share a photo or an illustration featuring a candle. Her fourth grade students were singing “Light the candles all around the world”. Lorraine’s aim was to get 15 images shared. Did this great project succeed? See her map to find out. It is still not too late to join in.

Above is my photo. As it was Christmas time and as my daughter and I bunch fresh flowers for sale at an honesty stall at our front gate, my photo shows the candle in front of several of our bunched flowers. It is summer time and flowers are plentiful and beautiful. Did you send in a photo? What was yours? Have you been involved in, or organised simple global projects? Would love you to share in a comment to this post.


8 responses to “Light a Candle around the World – an effective but simple global project

  1. Beautiful post and idea. Love your photo–the flowers are a welcome sight since we’re in the midst of winter.

    • Thanks Maureen for your comment. As I also live on a typical Australia farm, I really wanted to take a photo of a candle with a mob of sheep in the background, but time got away from me! Maybe I will still try that when we next have sheep in our yards or woolshed.

  2. 8th Jan is the first Anniversary of Hello Little World Skypers . It happened to be the birthday of Armando in France, a member of HLWS too. We arranged a global dual Birthday celebration.
    In India, I had twenty families, three of them from three generations, attending the global happy birthday. Our birthday boy was too busy to answer the eager Indian celebrants ‘on the go button’ to wish Armando. Repeated Skype calls to him failed. (Indian hospitality required them to eat the cake only after wishing the birthday baby,) In the end, we called up a mutual friend, Brad Peach in Texas and the team sang Happy Birthday Armando to Brad.
    Brad was rudely woken up from bed at 6 a.m. in Texas to be pleasantly surprised by “Happy Birthday Armando” “Happy Birthday HLW Skypers” wish from our team aged 1 yr to 87 years, all of whom took an active part in the cultural fest that ensued making it a great forever experience.
    Luckily they caught Katherine Zablatnik and Armando later to wish Happy Birthday on target.
    My dancers, singers, magicians and granny cooks are preparing themselves to show off their art to team HLW Skypers!!
    Next I plan to issue certificates to the participants which includes a grandma, a shy octogenarian and their performance in camera to team HLWS.
    Already we have formed “Social Networking Homes” (snehom by taking 1,2 and 3 letters from the name. Snehom means love in Sanskrit. Our octogenarian coined this name for our web of love)

  3. I love the idea of light a candle. It is so simple but effective. I have checked out the map. I just don’t seem to be able to find an email address for my students to send their photo to.

    • Hi,
      Thanks very much for sharing the ‘Light the Candles’ project. My fourth graders really enjoy seeing the candles lit from so many places in the world. Initially I had permissions set so that anyone could edit the map, but as more candles were added, I decided to have participants email me at and I would add them to the map. Each candle is very special to us, and we appreciate everyone’s participation. Thank you!

      • Thank you Lorraine for sharing these details with us. I hope that Karen is able to send her image direct to you. Isn’t it great that you got so many candle images?

    • Hi Karen, thanks for reading the post and commenting. I hope you saw Lorraine’s comment on this post with the contact details for sending through images.

  4. Oh, Sebastian, I am so sorry to have missed the birthday party! As I have been away in Melbourne farewelling family and friends who visited us over Christmas, I was unable to attend. Thanks for telling us about the great work of HLW skypers – a great site to find global connections. Many of the candle images have come from this amazing group. All the best for 2012 with your projects! Hoping that I and my students can be part of them.

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