Learning to Blog

Blog post summary in a wordle

“Learning to Blog” is a workshop that Britt Gow and I will conduct tomorrow at Warrnambool College with interested staff. Here is a google doc for you to ask any questions that you might have.

Let’s get started:-

  1. Go to global2 and sign up for your own blog. Make sure you are a Victorian teacher in a government or Catholic school. Use your edumail email address.
  2. Login to your email account, click on the link sent from global2 and activate your blog.
  3. Change your password and ensure you remember your blog address and password
  4. Write a short post – holiday/festive greetings, how you hope to use this blog.
  5. Change the appearance and customize to your own liking.
  6. Add widgets to your sidebar, including the meta

Following are some resources for those who are interested in starting to blog or extending their blogging.

  1. Why Blog? 20 reasons why should students blog? (and teachers)
  2. Blogging is a 21st Century Literacy
  3. Types of blogs that we use in our school- teacher blogs, individual student blogs, class blogs, our school blog and special purpose blogs
  4. Victorian government teachers may use the DEECD edublogs campus Global2
  5. Need to be comfortable with posts, pages, widgets, dashboard, comments etc

Some great resources

  1. The Edublogs Teacher Challenge Kick Start your Blogging,
  2. the Global2 Challenge
  3. The Edublogger
  4. The edublogs awards nominees and winners of the Edublogs Awards 2011
  5. The Student Blogging Challenge
  6. Top widgets for the sidebar of your blog
  7. Something fun for this time of the year: DIY decorating for any holiday season
  8. See skippy and chloe for sample student blogs. Note how they have customized them.

What suggestions do you have or what are your favourite resources?

2 responses to “Learning to Blog

  1. This is a great way to teach the class Anne!

  2. Before, I used to be really ignorant when it comes to blogging. I didn’t know what it could possibly do and how it can affect people’s live especially if they’re interested in the niche you’re working on in your blog.

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