Excited to be nominated for Edublogs Awards 2011

Having just survived a couple of busy and challenging weeks, it was with some amazement but also pride and humility, that twitter alerted me to the fact that  my work  has been nominated for the edublogs awards under the following categories.  Before you look at those categories I wish to sincerely thank the colleagues who have  nominated me. It really made my day to hear on twitter of the nominations. If you would like to, please vote for the following but also check out the other wonderful nominations and consider them as well. These nominations offer a treasure trove of wonderful online work by global colleagues.

  1. Best Open PD/conference – Tech Talk Tuesdays
  2. Best Teacher Blog – On an eJourney with Generation Y
  3. And perhaps the most precious and special of all – Lifetime Achievement nomination (especially when you read the list of amazing people nominated)
  4. Best Open PD/conference – The Australia Series – of which Tech Talk Tuesdays is a component

Thank you in advance for your support, the amazing network that I am part of and for any of you who may wish to vote for any of the above. Congratulations to all nominees!

7 responses to “Excited to be nominated for Edublogs Awards 2011

  1. I love your blogs, read it each time I follow it and I VOTE for it. It is a privilege to vote for murcha. Thank you Anne. I regularly recommend teachers to draw inspiration from your blog here in my seminars. I am proud of our PLN: http://geogebraindia.blogspot.com/2011/12/conferencial-inauguration.html. Yesterday I received three invitations to set up a Learn English Online club from three schools, who feel confident that that Government grants would follow, thanks to our friends!!

  2. By the way, my portfolio includes a link to my Vedic Mathematics Session with your students https://murcha.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/learning-verdic-maths-from-sebastian/ and the powers that be is impressed and want to set up IT facilities in schools here

    • Thanks Sebastian for your continued support. Learning and support networks are vital for our continued adventures into the use of eLearning. Congratulations on getting the funding that you did for your impoverished school. That is amazing and shows the power that networking can bring.

  3. Fingers crossed Anne- you deserve all this and more!

  4. Anne,
    You are simply the best, not only in Australia! You have transcended boundaries in a globalised village! You signify what change is all about by being the change yourself. For a digital immigrant, you have many a time put the digital natives on tracks and think of what they can possibly learn more from you than you from them! You practise what you preach.

    Over here, in this part of the world in Asia, you have enhanced the strong connections you have made with the educators and students here by giving it a personal touch, thus, translating your virtual presence into a very meaningful one either through educational or social visits. And all this thanks to the power of technology that has enabled the connection, collaboration and communication to work! But most of all, it’s the ripple effect that counts in the ever widening circles you have created across the miles and great oceans of the world. And that has made all the difference!

    I firmly believe that a vote for you will help to bring about the change that is so much needed if we want to empower others in the use of technology for educational purposes, be it in the developed or developing countries. Anne, I believe you can! Yes, you can!

  5. Veronica, you inspire me all the time. Thanks for your kind words but you are part of that ripple too and are so much part of my valuable network. I wonder how long it will take for the waves to roll in bringing many more e-surfers into these amazing potential global connections. Thanks again, Veronica – as always, you are too kind!

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