Learning with Librarians

Some web2.0 tools that are being suggested for librarians to use at a workshop being conducted tomorrow.

  1. Wordle – creating word clouds
  2. Blogs – Global2 for Victorian school teachers in government and Catholic schools
  3. diigo for bookmarking
  4. twitter for searching and networking
  5. Scoopit for curating
  6. skype for videoconferencing
  7. bubbl.us and diagram.ly for brainstorming
  8. booktrailers
  9. qr codes

Further resources

  1. Best Librarian Blogs nominated for the Edublogs awards eg lucacept and another one to visit regularly is heyjude
  2. Library 2.0 and check out the wonderful recent recordings for sessions for the online conference
  3. The best lists on technology use by Larry Ferazzo
  4. Long live libraries for life long learning
  5. Curation for Teenage Librarians
  6. SBPS Library 4 Lifelong Learning Weblinks-Virtual Library 24/7
  7. Long live libraries for lifelong learners
  8. These are a few of my favourite things
  9. Parents-Partners in Teaching and Learning
  10. Latest Happenings at Sandy Beach Public School Library

What tools or resources would you suggest for librarians to use?


8 responses to “Learning with Librarians

  1. Thanks Anne, that has been great.
    We will be in touch again.

  2. Maureen O'Loughlan

    Wow! So much information…have had a valuable day at Hawkesdale with Anne, Faye and Britt. I have lots to pass on when I get back to school and I will be hoping to inspire teachers and students.

    Thank you!

  3. Very interesting, but a lot to try and take in when not real computer mind.

    But great for getting to know one and another by face and not just voice on photo.

    Explained very week

  4. Ann, You are a humble genious. Your ICT skills are mindblowing! Today’s information have been most enlightning. Being apart of writer’s class was most valuable. It was an honour to be apart of it. Thankyou.

  5. How do I start and use a blog? Also, what is the best blogging site?

    • I use blogging with students, so we use edublogs. However, if the blog is just for you and a personal type blog, I suggest wordpress or blogger. (I use wordpress but my son uses blogger.) Both have some great features and allow videos, images and podcasts etc. If you go to this site, scroll down and on the right hand side bar, is Starting a blog. http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/ Go there and there are some great tips etc for starting a blog. All the best.

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