Engaging the Visual Learner in Accounting with web2.0 tools

Many of my students are visual learners. They have been advised against studying the sciences as they would not cope. Others have been ‘blocked out’ of a chosen subject and as our school size is small and the subject range limited at the senior end of the school, they are ‘put’ in accounting. Some of the following tools are used to engage them and help with their learning of accounting concepts.

  • the fun stuff – online timers/clocks – kuku clock,  online stopwatch, fruit machine Do you see timing activities as useful in your class? How would you use the clock, and the fruit machine or random name picker?
  • twitter as a search engine – what people are doing, how they are feeling, real case study links shared etc
  • wordle – word clouds for visual summaries, discussion triggers, topic introduction, topic outlines,  revision etc
  • wallwisher – sticky notes on a wall – reflections, what you have learnt, brainstorming, existing knowledge, feedback, revision, reflections etc Add your sticky note to this wall #Comview11
  • blog – online journal, resource library, reflections etc or ultranet
  • bubbl.us – brainstorming, collaborative, mind mapping etc
  • toondoo – free cartoon maker
  • diagram.ly
  • voicethread – online podcasting, can edit at any time
  • slideshare for uploading of powerpoint presentations
  • Online resources – stocktaking at the London Zoo
  • Scoop.it Basic accounting concepts
  • Google apps – grab a gmail account – sheet, document, presentation, form
  • Games in accounting
  • Accounting whizkid – an iPad app
  • facebook group page
  • join comchat See VCTA website – a fabulous emailing list for sharing conversations
  • Merspi VCE forum for students
  • QR codes

What tools do you use when teaching accounting?


3 responses to “Engaging the Visual Learner in Accounting with web2.0 tools

  1. You never fail to amaze me with your bubbling energy and enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Anne,
    I’m spending some of today having another more thorough look at the web 2.0 tools from your great session on Tuesday at Comview

  3. Brilliant! I’ve worked in accounts/finance roles since leaving high-school with only B GCSE Maths. I was always great at doing the applied accounts work, but terrible at the theory and on-paper problems, I’m very much a visual learner and there needs to be a story behind the figures for me to be engaged with them (why I find it easy to explain account history to a teary client after they’ve told me the story behind their debts, but can’t understand basic AAT questions online). Excel reporting is easy as pie for me (love my colourful charts and graphs)!

    I’m going to go back and turn everything in AAT into stories and pictures and give it another shot! Thank you for the great resources.

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