Cultural eLearning Adventures – Global Education Conference

For global partnerships to be successful and ongoing, rather than just ‘one off’ videoconference linkups, educators have to find another educator(s) with the following characteristics:-

  • a similar passion for taking learning to innovative levels
  • complete confidence in each other
  • trust each other
  • common interests
  • willingness to communicate regularly and constantly when involved in projects
  • forming a friendship that will ‘give and take’ through all issues that may arise – both cultural and technological
  • willingness to risk take together
  • determination to succeed and complete projects, at all costs.
  • if global partners can meet ‘face to face’, it makes that connection so much stronger!

As my friend and online colleague, Veronica Woo says:-

“ultimately, it’s the human relationship and trust that matters most to ensure successful online connection, collaboration and communication.”

As such, Veronica and Yew Yan Koon or known as Evon) from Malaysia have formed successful partnersips and connections with my classes. Below is our presentation that was made for the Global Education Conference 2011, setting out how we met, how we have worked together, what it has meant to us and possible future connections and directions.
Thanks Veronica and Evon for being there for us and learning with us together.

Have you been involved in highly successful global projects?


2 responses to “Cultural eLearning Adventures – Global Education Conference

  1. Unlimited success to you, Veronica, Evon and your lucky learners

  2. I have just seen the slideshow with great admiration. Thanks, Ann and Veronica, for sharing your inspiring experiences! Would me more than willing to participate in at least one of your events with my students.
    Best wishes from Moscow!

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