The World is My Classroom – Presentation for the K12 Online Conference

This post has been written to complement my presentation for the K12 Online Conference. It includes links to resources and stories shared in this video. Following is a summary of the presentation.

Learn how a virtual, global, and culturally-blended classroom is not just a dream, it’s a reality. Listen to stories from classrooms in a small rural P12 school that is isolated culturally and geographically where innovative technology is used to engage students allowing them to connect, communicate and collaborate with students/classrooms across the globe.  This is a big classroom where:-

  • blended classrooms may be  global in nature
  • learning is 24/7/365
  • experts and  students of all ages learn together – learning is vertical and horizontal
  • learning goes beyond physical walls
  • learning is NOW!
  • global projects are regularly in evidence
  • learning can be ‘messy’ but the outcomes amazing!
  • Listen to classroom stories, learn of favourite online tools to use and ways to use them. Explore different ways to get connected to others, join projects and how to have your students take initiative

Tools used to connect and communicate

Where to find connections

Online webinars/conferences

Tools used for connecting and communicating

Our collaborative projects and other connections

Our Community Connections

Classroom Stories

9 responses to “The World is My Classroom – Presentation for the K12 Online Conference

  1. Hi! Anne
    You are always one step ahead. You are really a trailblazer! I’m sure your audience will definitely be inspired by you! Can’t wait to hear about your presentation at the conference from you. All the best!

  2. Hi Anne,
    You really are a powerhouse in hyperspace. Keep lighting up the world. All my prayers. I will be attending this diligently, learning form global presenters and learners. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sebastian, it is wonderful to have pro-active people like you who are willing to learn, share and work hard to harness the power that technology can bring to learning. I am proud to have you as my friend and learning colleague.

  3. Hi! Anne
    After my google chat with you this morning, I thought I would just like to share what I talked to you about here. As I had told you during my chat, I Skyped in and taught a class in New Bern, USA for 45 mins in the wee early morning hours (1.45 a.m. Malaysian time)! For many, I know, the 12 or 13 hour difference between our two countries, the US and Malaysia would really be a big challenge to connect in real time in cyberspace! But as I told Amy, this wouldn’t be a problem with me simply because I’m a morning person! I am used to taking afternoon naps and waking up in the middle of the night to do my work. That’s when I work best!

    Amy teaches World History and Geography in her school. And she told me that in her History lesson, she had actually taught her class something about Melaka and the famous spice trade in the olden days here. The reality of this is I am actually living in the social context of what she has or is teaching in the classroom.! So, I thought then that this was a really strong connection point for us to learn from each other, checking, verifying and comparing our facts or perspectives! Personally, I believe that this actually adds on to give dimension to the authenticity of whatever learning that takes place in the physical classroom. Such is the power of online tools when used appropriately, purposefully and meaningfully!

    As for me, I always believe that however powerful the technology or tools may be, still ultimately, it’s the human relationship and trust that matters most to ensure successful online connection, collaboration and communication. Well, Anne, I’m sure, and I hope, you will agree with me that this is actually the ‘secret’ to all our successful collaborative work or projects so far and also in the future! Thanks, Anne for being such a wonderful friend and mentor! And to all the educators at the upcoming K12 Conference, happy sharing and learning and I really hope to learn from you as well! All the best for a great conference!!

    With love from Malaysia!

  4. @Veronica Thank you for your pearls of wisdom. Passion, trust, confidence are all important elements in successful partnerships. You have certainly blazed ahead yourself Veronica and brought your country to the ‘eyes’ of the globe. Learning about history and geography from real people rather than reading about it in a textbook, makes for far more powerful learning. You are wonderful to give up your time so freely and share your knowledge and experiences with the world.

  5. As always you are prepared and have tremendous resources. You are a mentor to me and an encouragement. I look forward to your K12 Online Conference session. Take care.

    • Hi Heather, I have learnt so much from you as well and love being connected to you. I am not sure when the session goes up but when it does, I shall link it back from this post. The video quality is not high, but it shares many classroom stories.

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  7. Anne,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation. As someone said in an earlier post, you truly are a trailblazer, helping to build a trail many other educators, from around the world, can follow!
    We will be using your presentation as part of our Tech PD in the Madison School District in Phoenix, AZ, (Teachers take technology classes to earn tech for their classrooms.) My hope is that your presentation will spark some teachers to look at becoming more global in their teaching.
    With much appreciation,
    Kim Thomas
    Madison School District
    Phoenix, AZ

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