Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of the Global Education Conference 2011

The mamoth, innovative and amazing Global Education Conference is being held online 24/7, globally, in many languages and is free. All you need is an internet connection, curiousity and/or a desire to learn how to build global competencies and connections into your classroom. Enjoy some of the best professional development for free! Here are some tips to get the most out of it.

  1. Spend time looking at the sessions and timetables, ‘mark’ those that are of high interest to you.
  2. Bookmark the sessions page link, so you can quickly retrieve it.
  3. Follow the #globaled11 tag in twitter or watch this twitter feed
  4. Login in to the room, adding your name and country to the username.
  5. Ask lots of relevant and appropriate questions in the chat. Discover as much as you can from those who ‘have done it’!
  6. Network and share contact details with others in the room for further connections. Share your twitter id, email, im or blog address
  7. Share what you know in the chat, use emoticons for feedback to presenter
  8. Save the chat: goto file>save as>chat conversation and save as txt
  9. Save the participants list for future connection possibilities.
  10. Attend at least one session that is in another language – get a feel for the different cultures, languages. Last night there were sessions in Spanish, Russian, French and English. If there are images shared in the presentation, you can learn from them. Keep google translator open so you can interpret any chat. Push yourself outside your comfort zone.
  11. Make sure you attend a variety of sessions from countries other than your own. Get a feel for global connectedness and interaction.
  12. Join a couple of sessions that are not of high appeal – some of these can turn out to be inspiring and though provoking.
  13. Write a blog post and share with others. Tweet the post out!
  14. Come into the conference help lounge check out Lucy’s lounge and meet others in there – usually a good selection of nationalities.
  15. Check out Lucy’s lounge – she will be there, at designated times, share resources and help with any questions
  16. Volunteer to moderate some sessions, drop in to the virtual help lounge when you may have time to do so. This gives you another dimension to the virtual sessions..
  17. Look for the recordings and listen to any events that you may have missed.
  18. Make connections, connections, connections!
Continue on with the networking after the conference:-
  1. Volunteer to be a presenter next time
  2. Join in a global project
  3. Start your own global project
  4. Be active on the Global Education ning, share in discussions, start a discussion, join a group(s), start a group.
  5. Volunteer to be a presenter or moderator next year, or take on another volunteer role.

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