Creating videos for Japanese students

Year 11 IT students have been creating videos about school and family life in Australia (well, at least where we live). These videos are now embedded on a shared, collaborative and interactive moodle with first year students from? Hokusei University Japan. These students are studying Interpretation as part of their English studies.

Initially students were shy about adding their voices to the movie, so they simply placed music – most chosen from danosongs. However, they were then asked to add their voice as the university students were to interpret the narration. This pushed my students outside their comfort zones! But, 50% of them added their voice.
Here are some of the results!
Renee – School Life

Chloe – School Life

Tessa – Family Life

Lauren – Family Life


Liam – Family Life

There has been so much learning involved here – but that will be another post!


One response to “Creating videos for Japanese students

  1. Renee, Chloe, Tessa, Lauren, Thorney and Liam,
    Thank you for all of the videos that you produced. They were especially fun to see since we met some of you virtually! I’m going to share the videos with my students since they can learn about your area in Victoria from looking at your photos, reading the captions and listening to your narration. And I know that they are going to like the music that you chose!
    Your school seems very modern with all of the netbooks and access to technology. You all must be very proud to know that you are teaching people around the world about Australia. When we see Australia on the map now, we think of our friends in Hawkesdale and all that you have shared with us. Thanks very much for being such great ambassadors in our global community!

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