eT@lking: How has Open and eLearning changed you?

When: Wednesday 2nd November from 8-9pm, Melbourne Australia (gmt+11)

About the presentation:- What has Open and eLearning achieved for you? What is it like in a MOOC? Come along and discuss this interesting topic. Carole McCulloch will lead the discussion, sharing some scoop.its and slideshares around this topic.

Here is the link to the recording


4 responses to “eT@lking: How has Open and eLearning changed you?

  1. I have a panel of expert peers to support me, my PLN, anytime I want to explore a new topic, application or website. Now I find it very easy to learn, thanks to my friends at WikiEducator and HLW Skypers.

    Open learning has made me more open, ready to share, give more than take as it is a lot more thrilling to GIVE!!

  2. Hello Anne
    Please share this, since 3 or 4 am is not usually a time I can share the online etalks with you .

    Here in Morelia, Mexico, we just finished attending our International Convention of the TESOL affiliate in Mexico, MEXTESOL. During the 4 days I attended workshops, conferences and shared a few myself, my students were preparing and sending in their oral presentations via Fotobabble, a new experience for them. Most of them have not worked with technology in the EFL situation before. Some of them do not have computers nor access to computers and must pay in a cybercafe in order to plug into online asynchronomous classroom discussions. Otheres were able to get together to support each other as they ventured into new ways of sharing in the foreign language. They were pleased to see how many people had actually read their Fotobabbles when they checked in.

    In a world where technology has knocked down classroom walls in some parts of the world, students in other parts are just beginning to look out of the window. The ‘have’ and ‘have-not’ factor I believe will continue to widen the information gap as technolgy advances in leaps and bounds and leaves those who do not have access way behind.

    Here’s to a connected world, in some way or another,
    Ellen in Mexico in a public university

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